What is the TRIAD?

The TRIAD is an investment approach that diversifies your investment portfolio into 3
categories: safe, income, and growth.  

- Safe investments are low-risk and focused on protection of principal with upside market potential.

- Income investments are assets that regularly distribute income into your portfolio.

- Growth refers to “reinvested income” from assets used to generate growth.

The strength of the Triad Asset Allocation Plan lies in the diversity of the asset classes. By spreading out the investments through all 3 categories, it provides a cushion during times when the market is uncertain and performing poorly. In fact, in certain situations, market dips can provide even more opportunities for investors in certain categories. The diversity of the plan also helps with the ever-changing dynamics of tax laws, regulations, and the market. The Triad plan allows investors to roll with those fluctuations without as much of an impact on their portfolios as many other strategies. The percentage in each asset class will be different for each client depending on their time frame, risk tolerance, etc.

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