Marcia Tremblay

Marcia was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. While at Tremblay Financial, Marcia does everything she can to help Tim, and learn more about the needs of our clients and the business. She works to help make things run more smoothly at TFS, their home, and when they travel. She also works with Tremblay Financials many business associates so that our many seminars go well.

Tim and Marcia have always striven to be a TEAM in their desire to help others achieve their financial goals. They have worked together to accomplish this for many years, long before Tremblay Financial Services was formed.

Outside of Tremblay, Marcia enjoys spending her time with her three grandchildren, doing a Bible study with her friends, traveling, cooking, walking on the beach with Tim, reading, and going to the Granada or Lobero Theater for a live performance.

Tim and Marcia have been married for 37 years. They have three children: Troy, Vanessa and Gisele, who is a student at Biola. They are grateful for the knowledgeable and helpful assistants who do so much to make Tremblay Financial a great place to come for financial services.

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