Retirement Planning For 50 Plus

I think we can all agree that retirement planning is essential, but do you really know how to do it effectively?

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The truth is that retirement planning is about more than just saving money. It’s about making smart decisions, and those decisions start long before you reach retirement age.

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Some of those decisions involve things like how to take care of your children and parents while you’re still working without sacrificing your own retirement efforts.

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After retirement, do you know which investment categories will provide the best income?

Even if you’ve talked with an advisor before and have a decent grasp of some of these topics, knowledge alone won’t get the job done. You have to take action.  That philosophy is proven in a recent survey conducted by AARP. In short, 87% of those who took the survey believe retirement planning is important, but only 42% feel they’re actually prepared.  Knowledge means nothing if we don’t take action.

We can provide a second opinion and help you take that action. We’ve been helping others do that very thing for more than 25 years now. In that time, we’ve managed to win the Santa Barbara News Press Readers’ Choice award for top financial advisor 16 times.

Contact us for your own second opinion today, and let us put our proven track record to the test.