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Is 5G Worth The Hype?

October 18, 2019
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An Overview:


If you watch the news at all or follow the stock market, you may have heard a little about the future of wireless networks, 5G. But what exactly is 5G and is it something you should be investing in? Well to understand 5G, you must first understand past networks. 1G gave us the very first cell phones, 2G gave us text messages, 3G gave us the internet, and 4G gave us the speeds we desired. Now we are headed toward 5G, the future generation of wireless.


What is so important about 5G?


As 4G becomes tapped out on traffic, 5G will allow for over 1,000x more traffic than today’s networks as well as up to a dozen times faster download times than 4G LTE. You may be thinking, what’s so important about a network that is a bit faster than the previous? Are we really going to tear down all of the old infrastructure and install 5G networks for just more speed? Well, the simple answer is YES. With the amount of innovation we face on the horizon, it’s actually an absolute necessity. Autonomous vehicles must have the capacity to communicate with each other instantly. Smart-cities must have cutting edge networks allowing municipalities to leverage technology accordingly and house overpopulated urban areas. Additionally, virtual reality, mobile payments like cryptocurrency, and military installations all will get bolstered with the innovation of this next generation network.


Nobody will deny the exponential growth in our global population. By 2025 our global population will have expanded another 12.5% to approximately 8.1 billion, up from 7.2 billion today. As this inevitable truth comes to fruition, it is extremely important our wireless capabilities keep up. 5G will provide the important consistency in wireless networks we will continue to depend on.


To learn how you can take advantage in this technological change and wireless evolution, contact a Tremblay Financial advisor. We are here to help!